Meet the Hosts

Welcome to the new and improved Little Dog Black Cat! Our mission is to encourage fellow animal lovers to embrace pet education, animal rescue, and responsible pet ownership. In the quest to learn more about my own pets, I have turned to pet blogs time and time again. Now I hope to pay it forward and share my experiences, but first, let me introduce the hosts of Little Dog Black Cat.


Jen of Little Dog Black Cat

My name is Jen. I have lived with animals my entire life, starting the barn cats I tamed as a child to the shelter dogs I helped train as a young adult. I recently traded in my job at the local animal shelter to pursue my dream of freelance writing, but it is still my goal to provide the best life possible for my little dog and black cat(s).

Little Dog Millie

Millie the Little Dog

Millie came into my life shortly after I started working at the animal shelter. I had been looking to adopt a lazy senior beagle. Instead, I got a four-pound, ten-week-old poodle mix. Millie was everything that I was not looking for in a dog: fragile, sensitive, high-energy and high-maintenance. Yet Millie has never once questioned my love for her. From the moment that little dog snuggled into my shoulder, she was mine, and I committed myself to learning how to be the best dog owner I could be for her.

Black Cat Gigi

Gigi the Black Cat

Then Gigi tiptoed into our lives. I longed for a lap-cat to cuddle. Instead, I fell in love with a shy and traumatized black cat who, despite her fears, still arched her back under my hand when I petted her. Gigi loved Millie immediately, but she made me work to earn her trust. Strangely enough, I love her more for it. Bonding with Gigi required months of socialization. In those months, I learned more about cat behavior than I had learned in 20+ years of cat ownership. For that, I will always be grateful to my gorgeous, clever, wickedly smart black cat.

Other Black Cat Giuli

Giuli the Other Black Cat

Since the launch of Little Dog Black Cat, I’ve also adopted a second black cat, Giuli. This young domestic medium hair was thrown from a car by her tail before she arrived at the animal shelter. She was still nursing injuries when I brought her home, where she quickly took on the role of baby sister to Millie and Gigi. She is a shameless beggar, a moth hunter, and a hummingbird watcher.

Millie, Gigi, and Giuli are constant inspirations in my daily life. My endeavors to provide for my little multi-species family ultimately led to Little Dog Black Cat. Join us for the cute pictures, stay for the stories, and take away whatever helpful tip you will. Millie, Gigi, and I will look forward to sharing our experiences with you and your furry family.